Our Story

Ms. Jemison has started a shelter and care center for women and children. She has worked tirelessly to bring this labor of love to fruition.

The Ethel Gordon Family Care Center and Shelter (named for Linda’s mother, who inspired her to be a helper) houses up to 12 women and 9 children. The shelter is more than a temporary housing facility, however, it is a spiritual-based life-recovery program that assists women in gaining education and job skills for a better future. The program helps these homeless women get stabilized and start on a path of building a better life.

Ms. Jemison has poured herself out in the endeavor. She devoted countless hours working with the women and administrating the shelter. In order to start the shelter, and keep it going in its infancy, she sold her house and used the proceeds to refurbish the houses she has rented and to provide for the women. She develops a case plan and advocates on behalf of the women with social workers, judges and others to help them overcome past mistakes and move ahead.

Ms. Jemison was at one time a homeless woman, strung out on drugs and living from shelter to shelter. She gave her life to God and overcame her own personal issues. Eventually, she worked in serval other shelters in various capacities. Seeing the limitations of other programs, she took on the daunting task of assembling a board of directors and incorporating her non-profit organization.

Because of her own experience, Ms. Jemison can talk straight to her clients. They find out, in short order, that she will not be easily conned by those who are not serious about change, but she will be an inspiration and champion to those who are. She is a living example of how life can rise from the bottom to become productive and inspirational to others.

Our Founder

Ms. Linda Jemison

I have been a single mother of one son and have raised 5 other children over the years. I have been a foster mother of 13 children here in St. Paul, MN and provided childcare for young mothers who could not afford regular childcare costs. I was raised by a wonderful mother and father who taught me to help those in need. My mother, Mrs. Ethel Gordon, was called home to be with the Lord in 1996. She left with me the love she has always had far people, to help any way she could, even if it was to bring them to our own house for food or shelter. We say in America that it takes a whole village and community to raise our children and I strongly believe in that. Over the years, working in various shelters and homeless places have shown me there is a great need for housing and shelter for families. If a mother is not stable, her children are not stable. We must educate and socially develop the minds of mothers by getting them off the streets into a safe environment to teach them to uphold respect for themselves first, then to their children and to their community so they may be an example to help someone else. I would like to try, along with other agencies, to effectively make a difference in our community. This is the community I grew up in and I would like to put back in some of the teachings I received. I am renting a few properties in the community to help secure emergency temporary housing for women and children. TO set an individual goal and plan for each person to eventually secure permanent stable housing. I would like to thank you again for taking the time to read my mission. Even if you cannot support this mission, maybe you may know someone that can and will pass this information on to them. I pray that God will touch the hearts of his people to help support this mission.”